Frequently Asked Questions

The boiler is certified with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and is compliant with USA and Canadian standards and safety designated as UL 834. The certificate number is 20140929-E347788 and was issued on September 29, 2014
No, installing any other replacement parts other than original will compromise the warranty of the boiler and will result in non-compliance with UL requirements.
The NextGen Boiler and parts are warehoused and shipped out of Schaumburg, Illinois located approximately 30 minutes west of ORD Airport.
No, the boiler was not required by Underwriters Laboratories to be certified with ASME due to the maximum temperature limitations of 140°F.
Using electricity for heating can be very price competitive compared to heating with liquid propane (LP). Off Peak electric rates or time of use rates (TOU) offered by electric utilities can provide substantial savings over boilers heated with propane and be competitive with natural gas. The installation costs for natural gas or propane boilers are much higher than the total installation costs of electric boilers. This is due to the higher purchase prices of gas boilers and the extra costs that are incurred for safety venting. Compare total installation costs before making a final purchasing decision.
It is highly encouraged to perform a calculated heatloss to determine the NextGen Boiler model needed to provide heating for the application.
There are 3,413 BTUs in one kW of electric power. For example the NextGen -12 has an output of 12kW. Take this 12 kW and multiply by 3,413 = 40,956 BTU capability.
Presently the NextGen Boilers are available in the following sizes; 4kW, 6kW, 8kW, 12kW and 14.4kW. However there will be additional model sizes added in the future to accommodate larger applications.
Yes that is acceptable. However, a third party control will need to be incorporated to turn on both boilers. There is no communication output to activate the second boiler. We highly recommend with this option that both boilers are set at the same supply water temperature. Do not use outdoor reset with parallel boiler piping. Another option would be to separate the boilers in zones and bring the PEX piping to separate manifolds located in the building. This can reduce long leader lengths of PEX piping.
Both of the manual and auto reset high limits are surface mounted components. Unlike some competitor boilers, they do not require the boiler to be depressurized and drained in order to replace them.